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It doesnt matter what yo say, its all about the way yo say it !
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The Departed !

his eyes speaks that he doesn’t expect anything other than a caring heart and affection.we have seen enough of this , lot of people wished and wanted to put an end, they expected and had a hope atleast it should end with their post , with the same hope and fingers crossed here’s my post . 

lets eradicate the philosophy of old age homes .

picture: saravana vikash, chennai

photographer & CG:srinavin kumar

"no matter what you are ! "

 as you know em a mechanical engineer, still some people wonder how i could do dese sorta things!

again its simple ,”no matter what you are”!

actually right now i dont have any job , which simply doesnt meant that i got nothing to do .

after 6 months from college, i rather say this period of time as “the refining period”,

many thought i just wasted all of my time figuring out doin nothing. The time to prove that they are wrong is not far away,(an axample of hope).

even my assumptions were wrong at times ! when i was stubborn about choosin a job out of my passion list will ruin my career, may be . now i came to a point to work in any concern to generate some money and to experience again i dont mean the professional things i learn, its the overall experience. atleast the money i will earn out of this could help me a lot for the bigger picture (right now i need a decent SLR)

so my principle is simple “dont get drifted along the wave ! TRY to swim against that” , so called the “kick-ass” stuff, i just love that.


people used to call and started presuming me as a “PRODIGAL son” ,

no matter what so ever, just be yourself , so i ll be like this whatever the concern may be. I feel more comfortable everytime and in everything em different from every one. you people call it ” ODD” i call it “different”

so this is my view, em not arguing that i am the right guy, other stereotypes are wrong , but i know a thing they are losers in a way though they can earn much better than me, though they got hoochy-coochy gal friend and etc ..!

this final statement , its not something i try to preach, but ,

"open your eyes , know what you are doing, just love it and work upon or else take a leap from the 10th floor :P"

, this quote probably suits me


The best teacher to you is you ! (skillset with photoshop) (Photo by srink)

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playin fifa

hands on photoshop..

kinda bliss